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Spell Jars

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This is for one small spell jar. Each jar is sealed with candle wax


• Dream Spell (blue)- this jar contains roses, marigolds and lavender. Contrary to popular belief roses aren’t just for love. Rose, marigold and lavender are all for boosting psychic abilities. Put this under or by your bed and be blessed with psychic dreams.

• Abundance Spell (green)- this jar contains cinnamon, bay leaves and Rosemary to help attract abundance and prosperity. Keep this in your purse or altar.

• Protection Spell (white)- this jar contains chamomile, bay leaves, marigold, and basil for spiritual protection.

~ Friendly Reminders ~ These are handmade, so your products may vary slightly from the posted pictures. The herbs used will remain the same. It will be a one of a kind item unique in every way made just for you! These are made in glass jars so please be careful with them.


Approximately 2 inches


Legal Disclaimer: The items are hand crafted and should be used with intention of the buyer. They are not to be used or are intended to be used in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.