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Smudge Mist

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Cleanse yourself and all your spaces of negative or unwanted energy with a few sprays of this Smudge Mist. This fine mist spray provides all the benefits of burning sage without the smoke. Burning a sage wand is not always an options as it could set off smoke alarms, trigger asthmatic symptoms, or it's not allowed in public spaces. Our smudging spray is safe to use to clear away negative energies anytime, anywhere. Use the spray to cleanse your mind and body as well as your home, dormitory, or desk at work. It's also ideal for cleansing sacred objects or items of sentimental value. 

The mists are handmade in small batches using purified water and a mix of herbs including Sage and Palo Santo. 


2 oz




Care Instructions

When not in use keep this stored in a cool dark place. 6 month shelf life.


Speak to your doctor before using if you have a medical condition or are pregnant.

Use only as directed. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. 

Legal Disclaimer: The items are hand crafted and should be used with intention of the buyer. They are not to be used or are intended to be used in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.