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Two Artsy

Chakra Wand

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One Selenite stick, wire wrapped with each Chakra Crystal:

Crown - Amethyst 

Third Eye - Lapis Azul

Throat - Turquoise or Aquamarine

Heart - Green Agate or Green Opal

Solar Plexus - Citrine or Amber

Sacral - Tigers Eye

Root - Red Coral

*Some Chakra wands have a clip. Make sure to select if you want one with a clip or not. There’s 3 different prices for the width size. All Chakra wands have different colored wire. You will receive a color at random.


Approximately 4 inches long




Legal Disclaimer: The items are hand crafted and should be used with intention of the buyer. They are not to be used or are intended to be used in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.